Plemićki Cheese with hot paprika

As the times change, new trends arise fast. New modern products await us at every corner. The same is happening with food; everyone is trying to come up with a more imaginative combination, combine the incompatible and present new exciting flavors to customers.

Here at EURO-MILK, we try to preserve forgotten flavors. To guard the tradition, to bring the elderly back to childhood and to awake nostalgia for well-know flavors, scents, and images. To get young people familiar with their roots and show them what kind of treasures was being held in their grandparents' households.

EURO-MILK revived many forgotten foods such as whey, buttermilk and real homemade butter. That is why we have now breathed new life into the well-known semi-hard cooked cheese that has been made at almost every household in Northwestern Croatia.

In order to introduce it the way it deserves, with respect for the traditional recipe, we named him Plemićki sir (Nobleman's cheese). This cheese is adorned by the coat of arms of the Kuzmić family, the historical nobles and co-owners of the dairy. Legend has it that King Bela IV took refuge in the Kalnik fort while he was fleeing the Tatars. As the Tatars besieged the fort for days, the native people bent the branches of a plum tree over the fort walls overnight, thus feeding the king as the branches were full of fruits. As a sign of gratitude, King Bela proclaimed the inhabitants of the area as nobles when the siege ended. Those nobles were known as Kalnički Šljivari (the plum farmers of Kalnik). Other noble families also came from that area, which made and consumed the best local dishes, one of which was the cooked cheese.

Eat like royalty!

Enjoy the smoked Plemićki cheese which contains only four ingredients: milk, salt, vinegar and hand-gound hot paprika. It is smoked with natural smoke of carefully selected beech trees.


Average nutritional value in 100 g
Energy value 1333 KJ/321 kcal

of which: saturated fatty acids

25,0 g

15,8 g


of which sugars:

2,5 g

2,5 g

Protein 21,5 g
Salt 1,5 g


Store at + 4°C to + 8°C