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Our 2022

Euro-Milk d.o.o. is a small dairy industry in Both European and Croatian terms. This year, with our 24 years in business, we continue to produce domestic dairy products. We look forward to continuing our production despite the global crisis that has followed us these two years. After two pandemic years, we welcomed the year with a great...

Pandemic time in dairy EURO - MILK

Through these two pandemic years, the EURO – MILK Dairy has tried to give customers our finest dairy products. In the "new normal" time that caught us due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus, we had to act quickly and smartly. Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, our priority has been people and we have made sure that we have not fired or...

Dragec cheeses 225 g

Following the market demands and wishes of our customers, in addition to the standard and already well-known Dragec cheeses in a 450 g package, we also placed Dragec cheeses in a 225 g package.

Every drop of our milk comes from Croatian farmers.

Little girl drinking milk

By consuming EURO-MILK products, you directly help Croatian agriculture, milk producers and the entire economy.