Following the market demands and wishes of our customers, in addition to the standard and already well-known Dragec cheeses in a 450 g package, we also placed Dragec cheeses in a 225 g package.

Dragec cheeses in a 225 g package are semicircle-shaped and are packed in elegant darker boxes of modern design that especially emphasize the structure and color of the cheese, which is seen through the window on the box, just as with the well-known "big" Dragec.

With the new "smaller" Dragenci, we did not change our properties and retained their traditionally recognizable unique taste.

Dragec cheeses are dried traditional handmade cheeses that are available in five varieties: smoked, dried, with red pepper, with garlic and with green pepper.

They are an excellent choice for gift packages to dear people, business partners or as a souvenir that represents the gastronomic heritage of Our Beautiful.